A front garden transformed into a haven for wildlife in Halton, Leeds

Beautiful designed garden

A little-used lawned front garden with large horse chestnut trees blocking light

The client works from home and looks out on to this front garden. She wished to turn it into a haven for birds, bees and butterflies which she could appreciate but was new to gardening and didn’t really know where to start. She was after an informal, naturalistic look with a flowing path and to incorporate antique stone ornaments.  

The master plan showing a birds eye view of the garden design

Work in progress, the lawn has been cleared and the crazy paving path is being laid.

The completed path and stone circle with antique sun dial. The soil has been prepared with manure ready for planting. The trees have been pollarded to increase light levels.

The garden planted up with plants to attract bees and butterflies in shady and sunny areas. These include lavender, catmint, salvia, achillea, echinacea, mahonia, red hot pokers and many more.

Client feedback

Zoe is an enthusiastic and passionate gardener and has lots fo exciting ideas for garden design and planting. She has created a beautiful, colourful sanctuary which the birds, bees and butterflies love too – I look out on it with joy every day